Gym Owner, CrossFit Level 1

Over 10 years experience in Coaching & Fitness. I'm passionate about achieving peoples goals and getting people fit! Establishing good habits through fitness and nutrition and helping people to reach their potential here at Faber Fitness. My background of contact sport including Boxing, Ju-Jitsu and Gaelic Football, fitness has played a large part in my life. When I got involved in Crossfit I loved it from day one. The fitness I have achieved, and friends I have made along the way, I would never have achieved from training alone in a gym. I'm lucky enough to be able to train and coach people so they have the same experience as me! I look forward to helping you whatever your fitness goal may be.



CrossFit Level 1, Outdoor Activities Sports Science BSc, Postgraduate Certificate in Education

I have a degree in Outdoor Activities Sports Science and have worked across the world as a RYA windsurf instructor. I competed at a semi-professional level at mixed martial arts and won a welsh title. I have used CrossFit as a basis to train for the wide array of Sports I have been actively involved in.

If you want to use CrossFit to supplement a sport you are involved in Jack has a wealth of knowledge in this area.



British Weightlifting Level 1

I was introduced to Olympic Weightlifting through CrossFit, and have been hooked ever since my first foundation back in 2014. I now regularly compete in weightlifting competitions and hold a BWL Level 1 Certificate in Weightlifting Coaching. I'm incredibly passionate about weightlifting both as a standalone sport, and as a crucial component of CrossFit. My coaching reflects the technical nature of the Olympic lifts – with a strong focus on getting the basics right and ensuring technical proficiency. Whether you have never touched a barbell before, or are an experienced lifter, I'm passionate about helping you develop your strength and ability in this immensely fun and rewarding sport.



Over 15 years experience in the fitness industry

I have worked all over the world teaching and coaching fitness. I am passionate about the philosophy behind CrossFit Faber and what it stands for and proactively using these skills to improve peoples quality of life and well being.


Coach Andrew

Crossfit level 1

I started coaching crossfit in 2019, having previously coached rugby for 4 years. Fitness and sport have always played a major role in my life. When I was younger, I focused especially on rugby and cricket. More recently however, you'll find me running 100m to ultra marathons, practising yoga and attending/coaching crossfit classes. I first joined Faber as a member, but quickly fell in love with the community and decided to get my level 1 to become a coach. I aim to assist people in realising their physical potential, and continue to learn from impressive coaches. I am also passionate about supporting the mental health of others based on my own experiences, and currently progressing my knowledge in this area by studying Psychology.